Diode array spectrometers for on line use in food industry

1st April 2013

The growing consumer consciousness of food quality in combination with falling manufacturing prices demands procedures for an effective quality control system.

The food industry working with hundreds of tons of raw and processed goods need suitable techniques to verify different constituents such as moisture, protein, fat, starch, pH or colour for a continuous production process.

With the CORONA and MCS500 measuring systems from Carl Zeiss it is quite uncomplicated to monitor non-invasively quality parameters on-line during the production process. Spectra in milliseconds, stable and precise information and an optimised optical design ensure reliable quality values and enable real on-line.

This allows the manufacturer to react promptly to quality fluctuations, minimise waste and reduce production cycle time. As a result, the production efficiency is improved and product quality in maintained.

The CORA software, especially designed for on line use, provides complete data acquisition, analysis and system management. It includes real time display of concentration and absorbance spectra, customisable operation with integrated flexible interfaces, measurement, prediction and output. Network capability allows the development of huge databases, sharable between different users. Additionally, the CORA software offers multiple and expandable support of third-party external equipment. This results in easy installation and adaptation to existing software and interfaces.

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