Use of hydrogen generators to supply the gas for laboratory use is on the increase

The use of hydrogen generators to supply hydrogen for laboratory use is becoming increasingly widespread.

Until recently, only a handful of GC specialists used hydrogen generators, however today thousands of laboratories all over the world use these appliances.

Originally hydrogen generators were used to supply FID's (Flame Ionisation Detectors), while now they are also used to supply hydrogen as a carrier gas. Indeed, an increasing number of GC applications are being published that require the use of hydrogen as a carrier gas, even for GC-MS applications.

For carrier gas applications, the hydrogen needs to be extremely pure, in terms of both residual moisture and oxygen content. The Advanced SL-Hydrogen Generator, using a new-concept generating cell, is able to supply hydrogen with impurities (moisture and oxygen) totalling less than 1ppm, meaning much better purity than bottled gas.

The technical advantages of using hydrogen rather than helium as the carrier gas are clear: faster GC and the same if not better separation. In economic terms, hydrogen offers significant cost savings compared with helium.

The Advanced SL-Hydrogen Generator does not use a traditional cartridge for drying the gas, but features a patented Auto-Clean System, which reduces routine maintenance. In addition, the generator has a number of other features:

* The cascading function allows two or more generators to be connected to the same utility. This solves the problem of backup, as even if one of the generators fails the others can still continue to supply gas.

* The Advanced SL-Hydrogen Generator is able to detect any leaks downstream of the generator, even in the Gas Chromatograph itself, meaning greater safety in the laboratory.

* All of the functions of the generator can be freely programmed directly from user-friendly interface or via remote control options.

* The optional RS232 and RS485 ports on the Advanced SL-Hydrogen Generator allow connection to PCs and laboratory management systems.

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