Antibacterial tribo-tape

With the white tribo-tape made of iglidur W160, igus has extended its range of liners with an antibacterial and UV stable material.

Therefore surfaces where areas wear in hygiene-sensitive applications, such as in medical and laboratory equipment, can be lined quickly and easily.

Tribo-tapes provide an easy way to reduce coefficients of friction.

The liners with 0.5 to 1mm thickness, can be cut to size and glued with its self-adhesive back, to create a sliding surface that reduces the frictional resistance in moving applications.

This protects the components and at the same time saves energy and operating costs in machine tools, as well as conveyor lines.

“As the W160 is white, it can be used in the medical field as a visible part,” says Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director at igus. “UV-stabilising additives in the plastic compound prevent degradation of the material’s surface triggered by photooxidation – this enables the material to be used in equipment for dental hardening or sterilisation.”

The tribo-tape can be ordered in various widths from 20 to 500mm and with an adhesive back for easy installation.

Through the igus cutting service, the film is also supplied by the metre length or as freely-designed finished parts.

Tribo-tape W160 can be used in a small installation space to reduce wear of moving applications significantly, effectively and at a low cost.

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