New total organic carbon generator

Based on tried and tested technology from Peak’s previous series of TOC generators, the TOC 1000 delivers improved performance for the latest TOC analyzers available on the market today.

The TOC 1000 gas output contains <1ppm of CO2, <0.05ppm CH4 and <0.1ppm CO, SOx and NOx delivering TOC grade air and is intended for use with TOC analyzers being used for waste water treatment labs, environmental monitoring labs, pharmaceutical labs, food & beverage labs, oil & gas labs, mining labs and biotechnology labs. Furthermore, Peak Scientific has had the CAT chamber independently tested and certified by the National Physical Laboratory in Great Britain to verify the performance of the TOC generator.

“The new TOC 1000 is a product we’ve been looking forward to bringing to the market. The new TOC not only has a much improved external design, employing the latest gas generation technologies, our engineering team have done an excellent job of offering a more compact TOC solution with greater performance than ever before.” Ed Connor, Peak Scientific Product Manager


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