"Large-capacity, automated plate preparation workstation"

1st April 2013

The Gilson/Cyberlab C-400 Automated Plate Preparation Workstation is a suitable high-throughput application workstation, accommodating 96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplates. In addition to pipetting, plate gripping, and moving capabilities, the

C-400 can interface with other laboratory equipment such as balances, mixers, incubators, plate sealers, washers, vacuum blocks, and plate readers.

The C-400 features a full-size head for use with standard and customised tools; includes 96-, 8-, and single-channel pipettors and a plate gripper for moving plates, tip boxes, and other items around the deck.

There are many optional tools available, including a 384-channel pipettor, tube and vessel gripper, capper/decapper, and plate piercer. Multiple tools are available for use at any time ­ there is no need to drop one tool off before picking up another.

The C-400 has the capability to handle 350 microplates as well as tip boxes. The custom deck layout facilitates the use of shallow- or deep-well microplates, disposable tips, tubes, and vials.

Gilson, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialised automation instrumentation for the genomic, proteomic, and drug discovery markets. Gilson has developed an extensive line of instruments designed to reduce cycle times, increase throughput, and improve assay quality.


Gilson is based in Middleton, Wisconson, USA.





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