G:BOX F3 Automated Gel Imaging System

Rapid, Accurate Analysis of DNA and Protein Gels

Cambridge, UK: Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions is delighted to introduce the G:BOX F3, a new gel imaging system, designed for scientists that want a rapid, versatile method of automatically imaging and analysing DNA, RNA and proteins in gels.
The G:BOX F3 features a high-resolution 3.8 million pixel CCD camera with a motor driven lens and built in filter wheel contained in a compact darkroom. This automated system is controlled by Syngene’s intuitive GeneSys imaging software. The software saves time and effort by automatically setting up the optimum lighting and filters from its unique database of imaging conditions for every commercially available DNA, RNA and protein dye. Users can in one screen touch, choose their preferred imaging conditions and the G:BOX F3 will automatically capture a high-quality gel image.

Inside the G:BOX F3 system’s safe, light tight cabinet there is overhead Epi white light. Epi UV light, a UV transilluminator and visible light converter options can also be fitted. For laboratories where safety and UV sample damage are an issue, Syngene offers an UltraBright LED blue light transilluminator, which slides out of the darkroom to aid viewing and band cutting. Additionally, this transilluminator can be fitted with an optional visible light converter screen for viewing protein gels.

G:BOX F3 system also includes unlimited copies of GeneTools image analysis software to enable each researcher in the laboratory to use their own computer to rapidly generate quantitative analysis of their protein and DNA gels in seconds.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager stated: “The
G:BOX F3 is a well priced system that is suited to busy labs where researchers are working with a range of different gels. It is ideal for experienced users and novices alike as they only have to know what type of gel they have run and what it is stained with, and the system will select and set up the right imaging conditions for them. Since the technology is so versatile, this makes the G:BOX F3 system the best, budget, automated gel imaging technology currently on the market.”

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