Automated dispersive Raman spectrometer

The Nicolet Almega dispersive Raman spectrometer is a Class I laser safe package. The system features multiple laser wavelength option for high resolution confocal Raman microscopy and a fully integrated, full sized Raman sample compartment.

All experimental and parameter set-up options are computer controlled for increase ease of use, reliability and speed.

The design allows full spectral display and high spectral resolution data collection.

Almega's microscope capabilities offer high spatial resolution and sample mapping to allow fully automated collection of dispersive Raman spectra over a large sample area. Once the data has been collected, Omnic Atlµs organises different views of the sample data, including the video image into a single window for manipulation and analysis.

The full sized sample compartment is integrated into the optical path, avoiding the inefficiencies associated withy remote compartments that are couple by fibre optics. The compartment and selection of sampling accessories can accommodate samples of many shapes and sizes.

Sample positioning uses the sample focus indicator in the sample compartment and real time spectral feedback with computer controlled positioning.

Almega uses the same Omnic software that drives all Nicolet laboratory systems. Parameters such as laser wavelength, laser power, polarisation settings, confocal configuration and desired resolution are selected using the software.

All system operation, display and library search parameters can then be stored in a single experiment file.


Nicolet Instrument Ltd is based in Warwick, UK.

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