Frutarom boosts production of natural cosmetic

Frutarom, Israel, expanded its new, environment-friendly algae plant in the Negev desert to answer increasing demands for Alguard, the company’s natural and sustainable “skin-active shield” ingredient derived from red microalgae polysaccharides. The new plant is capable of producing more than 10 tons of purified polysaccharide solution per year — more than 30% production growth compared to the previous plant.
“With Alguard being unique in the market, and the increasing interest in effective, natural and sustainable ingredients for cosmetics, we anticipate a substantial growth in Alguard sales in 2012,” says Anat Stern, product manager of cosmetic ingredients for Frutarom Health. “We will be able to keep up with demand not just for our customers in Western Europe, the U.S. and Japan but also for cosmetic companies throughout Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe.”
A unique, patented growth system, developed at Ben Gurion University, allows Frutarom to grow the algae in artificial seawater and utilize the unique desert climate to stimulate production of the protective polysaccharide. Nature's resources are neither exploited nor exhausted, since algae culture is sustained through a delicate and controlled growth process. The water-soluble polysaccharide is then collected and physically purified from the water surrounding the algae in order to obtain Alguard. Alguard production is not only completely natural; it actually contributes to the local ecosystem by exploiting CO2 and releasing oxygen during the growth process, making it a state-of-the-art sustainable system.
“Alguard is truly exceptional, both in its qualities and production process,” notes Stern. “This is a good example of Frutarom’s ability to provide an all-natural, highly pure and sustainable product for the cosmetic marketplace.” More information on the production process and Alguard’s skin benefits can be found on the new website,

Alguard has unique physical and bioactive properties that allow it to create an structured, homogenous protective mesh that adheres to the skin surface. Similar to its protective effects on the algae, it protects the skin from oxidative stress as well as inflammation and prevents skin irritation. It also protects skin immune cells from ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation and prevents adhesion of bacteria to the skin. Alguard’s benefit is immediately visible by its lifting of the skin surface. It can reduce wrinkle length and depth, as well as minimize skin roughness by about 20%, within 30 minutes of the first application.
Alguard can be applied to face cream and lotion formulations targeting skin care and nourishment, as well as in acne care products, anti-aging compounds and compounds for sensitive and inflamed skin.
Frutarom, known for its high quality safe and effective products, received a cosmetic GMP certification for this bioactive raw material.

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