Imaging-based plate reader for fluorescence and luminescence

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces the new FDSS7000EX Functional Drug Screening System, equipped with a Hamamatsu Scientific Grade fluorescence and luminescence sensor unit.  

The FDSS7000EX is the first Hamamatsu FDSS system to utilise the new high sensitivity sensor.
The Hamamatsu FDSS series of imaging based plate readers offer a choice of three sensor options; fluorescence only, low level luminescence and fluorescence and luminescence.
The FDSS7000EX has key features of the FDSS7000 such as high reliability, whole plate dispensing and imaging, quality of detection, versatility in format and modality and more.  

The system incorporates a high sensitivity Hamamatsu camera, suitable for both fluorescence and luminescence applications. It allows you to run ratio assays in luminescence, such as shifted luciferase and to run fluorescence assays with fewer cell numbers. The camera also features high quantum efficiency providing increased sensitivity for fluorescence applications.  
A wide range of options are available including stackers or robot integration, three washing stations, injection heads and much more.
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