µDrop plate for low-volume measurements

The new Thermo Scientific µDrop Plate measures samples down to 2 µL. It provides a straightforward way of analysing up to 16 microlitre-scale samples simultaneously. The fixed light path of the plate allows direct calculation of nucleic acid concentrations of the samples.

Furthermore, users can detect dsDNA from a few micrograms to a few milligrams per millilitre, without needing to perform any dilutions. These characteristics make the µDrop Plate an ideal tool for photometric DNA or RNA quantitation and purity analysis.
Samples are easily pipetted onto the µDrop Plate using a single- or eight-channel pipette. The plate is easily wiped clean, making it convenient for serial measurements. Additionally, the µDrop Plate is equipped with a cuvette slot, enabling endpoint, spectral and kinetic measurements in a standard rectangular cuvette.
The µDrop Plate has been designed for use with the Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO UV/Vis microplate and cuvette spectrophotometer, as well as the Thermo Scientific Varioskan Flash spectral scanning multimode reader. This extends their capabilities to include micro-scale absorbance measurements.
For more information, www.thermoscientific.com/platereaders

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