Automated sample preparation for targeted resequencing

1st April 2013

Fluidigm has announced that the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard has purchased an Access Array System to automate its sample preparation for targeted resequencing.

The Access Array System enhances the capabilities of powerful next-generation sequencing platforms by allowing the preparation of several sample libraries in parallel.

The multiplexed Access Array sample prep system enables parallel amplification of 48 samples - the equivalent of 48 sequencing libraries - in a few hours. The system is used for target enrichment, sample barcoding for multiplexed sequencing, and sequencing library preparation using amplicon tagging.

"We expect our Access Array System's ability to use very small amounts of sample and prepare libraries for amplicon-based resequencing to help The Broad with a number of important research projects," said Gajus Worthington, Fluidigm President and Chief Executive Officer.  

The Fluidigm Access Array System can be used with any PCR-based sample preparation method and with the reagents and primers of the customer's choosing. Fluidigm offers Access Array Target-specific Primers as an easy way for customers to generate sequencer ready amplicons for next-generation sequencing. Currently, Fluidigm offers custom PCR-based primer design for human targeted resequencing.  The Access Array System includes specific single-use microfluidic Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFCs), two IFC Controllers, and a stand-alone thermal cycler to deliver results in just four hours.

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