Low volume Bioassay SPE Preparation and clean-up

BioVyon C18 silica microplates from Porvair Sciences Ltd offer unmatched performance in low volume Bioassay Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) sample preparation and clean-ups.

Traditional packed bed SPE microplates perform relatively inefficiently when using the shallow sorbent beds necessary to get good recovery from smaller sample volumes.

By immobilising the C18 sorbent within the porous BioVyon polymer - Porvair have created a novel, high surface area, low bed volume matrix that provides unmatched control of flow rate.

Further, the immobilised C18 sorbent cannot form liquid channels and does not require inert frits to support it, thereby minimising hold-up volume. The combination of these attributes has enabled Porvair to develop a SPE microplate that provide higher consistency and greater recoveries for small sample volume assays.

BioVyon is made from a pharmaceutical grade polyethylene material using a manufacturing process which is proprietary to Porvair. BioVyon C18 is offered in 96-well microplates as a 10mg per well loading suitable for low volume bioassay preparation and clean-ups.

For more information, visit www.porvair-sciences.com

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