LIMS offers manufacturers workflow efficiency benefits and quantifiable savings

Two Fold Software Limited of London has developed specialist LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) application software that offers manufacturers major work flow efficiencies and quantifiable business benefits.

Two Fold Software’s easy-to-use Qualoupe LIMS solution directly addresses raw material and finished product specification management requirements.   Qualoupe can also be used to support key manufacturing functions such as works order processing, key performance indicator (KPI) reporting, reduced testing of incoming raw material batches together with the ability to quickly assign testing methods to specific production stages.

Qualoupe, which can be quickly integrated with MRP and ERP systems, has been tailored to enable manufacturers to achieve the fast release of raw materials to aid production throughput. Qualoupe’s enhanced ability to monitor performance and control limits also helps minimize production waste. 

Qualoupe, which is capable of increasing sample throughput for manufacturers without additional staff, also helps to ensure the fast release of products which improves cash flow. The software, which offers manufacturers time savings through automatically generated Certificates of Approval (COA), also helps improve quality by integration with auto analysers and using accurate and controlled specifications that match customer requirements.

The Qualoupe solution reduces manual entry transcription errors and saves time by featuring an intuitive, configurable user interface designed to enhance the user experience whilst imposing controlled specifications.

Qualoupe’s web reporting capabilities provide customers with business wide access to LIMS data which minimizes double data entry and helps optimise internal business practices.  Qualoupe has been tailored to give a manufacturer a competitive edge by featuring flexible reporting capabilities which enable customer specific reports and formats that provide trending and graphical analysis of customer data.  Accurate, customised information is a key factor in helping a manufacturer to build closer working relationships with its clients and enables them to offer additional value added services.

“Many manufacturing companies perform analytical testing on a number of different types of samples, such as raw materials, finished products, intermediate products, and site environment samples,” explained Paul Bateman, Two Fold Software’s Business Development Manager.  “This testing is carried out to ensure the quality of the products manufactured, compliance with legislation, and to supply analytical data to the customers.  Although it is possible to manage the work flow of samples and the reporting requirements of a manufacturing company with desktop tools or manual systems, there are much greater efficiencies and business benefits to be achieved by using the Qualoupe solution which features a configurable user interface that has been carefully designed to enhance the user experience, revolutionise work flow and remove the complexity of using a LIMS to support manufacturing functions.” 

The easy-to-use Qualoupe LIMS solution was developed to offer major business efficiency gains, improved quality management and reporting flexibility while greatly simplifying LIMS use and very significantly lowering running costs.

Qualoupe offers full audit trails and helps to simplify compliance with ISO 17025, UKAS, FDA, MRC, GLP and GMP.  The system’s software is optimised to share data across and between an organisation’s sites and supports both manual and automated data capture.

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