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1st April 2013

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inchas announced the launch of a new online demonstration of its TSQ Module software for Watson laboratory information management system (LIMS). This industry-first integration of LIMS and instrument control software coupled with the Thermo Scientific TSQ series LC-MS/MS system is designed to significantly increase efficiency by enabling data from the entire bioanalytical workflow to reside in a single database. The combination is also designed to provide increased regulatory control by managing the workflow from beginning to end with data review, processing, reporting and archiving all under the control of Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS.
The Thermo Scientific TSQ Module works with Watson LIMS and TSQ Series mass spectrometers to enable direct LC/MS data acquisition. The TSQ Module enables LC-MS/MS methods to be part of worklists created in Watson LIMS that can be directly submitted to any configured TSQ Series mass spectrometers via the network. This functionality allows laboratory managers to balance workloads among multiple resources. The user friendly software offers seamless data processing, enabling easier sample tracking and management while providing Watson users with the ability to review in-process and completed samples. This LIMS and instrument control software combination provides confidence in data security throughout the entire bioanalytical workflow from method development to data archiving. Built-in data interchange enables peak integration and re-integration, storage, archiving and reporting of raw data all under control of Watson LIMS for enhanced security. Connectivity between the LIMS and the TSQ series mass spectrometers also eliminates time-consuming file transfers and manual verification of data. The system is designed to provide a single audit trail for QA and FDA requirements, resulting in improved workflow efficiencies as well as time and cost savings.
The video demonstration helps laboratory directors, managers and executives in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) laboratories within pharmaceutical companies and CROs to understand how their everyday workflows can be improved by integrating LIMS and mass spectrometry hardware in the bioanalytical laboratory. The video provides an in-depth introduction to the software and guides customers virtually through the TSQ Module’s simple intuitive interface for acquiring data and managing runs. It shows key capabilities of this powerful combination including the ability to select which runs to acquire on the TSQ Series and how to use the interactive environment to review the run list. Finally, the video demonstrates the solution’s flexibility in assigning priority status to runs and the benefits of being able to directly perform data processing in Watson LIMS. 
“Our new video provides our customers with a visual understanding of this end-to-end solution and how it improves laboratory workflows. Users can see the benefits of allowing LIMS to control the entire bioanalytical workflow – it not only enables all study information to be stored in a single database but also gives users access via one software environment and simpler management of security and functionality,” said Jonathan McNally, manager, Bioanalysis at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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