No spout required with new aseptic technology

New patented aseptic filling technology from JBT FoodTech is specifically designed to fill pouches without the need for a spout.

Named the SPACE - spout-less, pouch, automatic, compact, ecological - aseptic filler, this new breed of technology was built to improve flexibility for processors that fill a wide range of pouch sizes for the foodservice market.

The opening of the pouch is 2-ins (6cm) wide, which means processors, can fill products with pieces or particulates more quickly and potentially at a lower cost.

The SPACE is, says JBT FoodTech, a suitable unit for functional food products and speciality juices. The pouches, once they are filled, are then ultrasonically sealed to ensure maximise the sterility.

The compact-sized filler can accommodate pouch sizes that range from 3kg to 10kg (22 pounds) and from 3L (6 pints) to 10L (21 pints).

- JBT FoodTech in Parma, Italy.

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