Smart isolator technology

The new Intiso integrated isolator from Metall+Plastic offers complete isolator protection for filling and sealing processes with a massive reduction in outlay. What sets the new isolator design apart is the elimination of an HVAC unit and the relocation of the cooling and ventilation units from the technical floor to the isolator plenum. The Intiso isolator's modular design is another innovation that contributes to cost savings, with pharmaceutical safety remaining unchanged at a high level.

Key isolator functions have been relocated to the isolator plenum. Previously, the ventilation and cooling units were always positioned on the technical floor, but now they are compact and can be easily accessed above the manipulation unit. This eliminates the need for the large HVAC unit that in conventional isolators is installed on the mechanical floor, requiring extensive pipework. 

The new system draws in preconditioned air from the cleanroom. This means that this isolator design is suitable for standard applications. What differentiates the isolator is a supportive temperature control system. A temperature adjustment of around +/- 6° C can be carried out with a cooling unit that is integrated into the isolator plenum. In practice, this is used to offset waste heat from fans or other isolator components, for instance. This enables constant temperature conditions to be generated regardless of batch sizes. The Intiso is also able to compensate for temperature fluctuations occurring in the clean room with its integrated cooling and ventilation technology.

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