Dispensers for cleanrooms

With hygiene at the forefront of the demanding needs within cleanroom and laboratory environments, Teknomek has designed a range of dispensers.

These dispensers are manufactured 304 quality stainless steel, and have been custom designed for the distribution of industry specific cleanroom wipes, disposable coveralls or individually packed sterile gloves, for the effective use within sanitary working areas.

With the current awareness of health and safety within the work place, Teknomek has manufactured a 316 quality wall or free standing, lockable sharps bin, ideal for the safe disposal of sharp, and possibly contaminated objects, such as syringes.

Designed especially to hygienically protect and stop contamination of worktops in all types of laboratories, the Trespa ToplabPLUS is an easy to clean, impervious, durable self supporting flat panel, resistant to most aggressive chemicals, that can be fitted to Teknomek stainless steel tables and an extended range of workstations.

Teknomek also offers a variety of non stainless steel products, such as specialist matting suitable to remove foot borne and wheel borne contamination.

Teknomek's newly redesigned online catalogue has details on these products, and more, with the added benefit of industry specific categories for ease when searching for the relevant products.

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Teknomek Industries Ltd is based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. www.teknomek.co.uk


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