Blend analysis NIR solution improves consitency

1st April 2013

Offering a new spectroscopic analysis technology, the Antaris Target Blend Analyser from Thermo has been developed from the ground up in partnership with a major pharmaceutical company.

Utilising MEMS technology, the Antaris Target achieves best-of-class performance, repeatability, and reliability for formulation development, process development, and production scale use in solid dosage form manufacturing. The analyser provides the potential to improve consistency and yields in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing lines through real-time measurement, eliminating the need for thieving and laboratory testing.

Thermo’s Antaris Target Series analysers are equipped with the RESULT software platform for process analysis and measurement automation and the ValPro regulatory qualification package. It also shares a software, qualification, and data platform with the complete line of Antaris II, Antaris MX and EX near-infrared process analysers.

The design of the Antaris Target Series allows it to be moved from blender to blender and used on any size pharmaceutical blender bin.

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