‘Seed busting' microplate

Porvair Sciences launched its new Seed Genomics microplate at the recent Plant & Animal Genomics 2017 conference in San Diego (USA).

Visiting genomic researchers were shown the strong reinforced polypropylene deep well plate with its matching polypropylene cap mats.

The extra ribbing underneath the plate to support its use in a GenoGrinder bead beater system was a feature welcomed by many visitors who saw the plate.

A UK contract genomics lab later tested the plates and found that they could survive four minutes of bead beating with barley seeds, a notoriously hard carpel to crack, in a GenoGrinder system at 1750 rpm using a 6mm steel grinding ball.

According to the technician who tested it, this is unprecedented as most commercially-available deep well microplates crack under this level of applied force.

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