US-made microplate

Porvair Sciences has announced that its popular 96-well sample storage plate - the round bottom 1ml deep well microplate - is now available manufactured in the USA.

Produced from ultra-pure grade polypropylene, Porvair's round bottom 1ml deep well plates are certified as RNase/DNase free and contain no measurable contaminants that can leach out and contaminate stored samples. In an independent study, despite the ready availability of high-quality polypropylene for deep well microplate production, more than half of the tested plates (not from Porvair) exhibited some form of contamination, typically due to extractable compounds leaching out of the plastic.

Precise designed to ANSI/SLAS footprint dimensions, Porvair round bottom 1ml deep well microplates are fully compatible with automated sample handling systems. The plates cylindrical wells with round bottom ensures optimal mixing and recovery of sample.

Available in a range of different colours, these round bottom 1ml deep well microplates are easy to identify when retrieving from storage. A black version of this plate is available for storing light sensitive compounds. The standard rimmed version of the plate incorporates features that eliminate well-to-well cross contamination and enable a high integrity heat seal. For applications requiring insertion of vials a non-rimmed version of the round bottom 1ml deep well microplate is available

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