University launches search for ‘returning’ scientists

The University of York has launched an initiative to attract more scientists, who have taken a career break, back into the world of academia.

In partnership with the Daphne Jackson Trust, the University is offering three Fellowships to people wishing to return to research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) after a break of two years or more

The University is seeking applications for the fellowships which involve a challenging research project and an individually tailored retraining programme.  The Fellowships will be hosted and half sponsored by the University and, facilitated by the Trust, with the remaining funding coming from another sponsor.

The Daphne Jackson Trust is the only charitable organisation in the UK dedicated solely to returning scientists, engineers or technologists to their careers following a break. The Trust offers flexible, part-time, paid fellowships to returners who have taken a career break of two or more years for family, caring or health reasons.

Candidates must have a good first degree in STEM or related disciplines as well as at least three years in research before the career break and/or PhD qualification. They must also be both resident in the UK and have the right to remain here indefinitely. Candidates must have computer skills and a good command of both spoken and written English.

A previous Daphne Jackson Fellow at York, evolutionary biologist Nancy Irwin, said: “The Daphne Jackson Fellowship is an amazing programme that provides a fantastic opportunity for people to return to science. Each fellowship is tailored to an individual’s needs and at York there are outstanding staff training courses, particularly the internal mentoring programme, all geared to help with career development.”

Following a catastrophic and life-threatening accident, it took Nancy Irwin six years to recover sufficiently to consider trying to return to science and she received support from the Daphne Jackson Trust to help her to do so. With the help of the NERC funded Fellowship and support from the University, Nancy made an outstanding return to her research career. During her Fellowship, she published five papers in scientific journals, secured four grants, spoke at four scientific conferences, and was an invited speaker at seven events as well as being a finalist in the early career SET for Britain poster competition in the House of Commons

The chair of the University’s Athena Swan Committee Professor Paul Walton added:

“The University of York is committed to promoting equality.  As part of this commitment the University associates itself strongly with schemes like the Athena Swan charter and the Daphne Jackson Trust, both of which help to provide staff with innovative and supportive career pathways.”

For further information before submitting an application call the Trust on 01483 689166, or email [email protected]

Scientists who wish to be considered for a Fellowship, should submit their CV along with a personal statement explaining their career break and future career plans to the Daphne Jackson Trust office [email protected]

Closing date for this opportunity is Friday 30th August 2013







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