Medical technology in focus

Arburg will showcase two exhibits at Equiplast, in Barcelona from 30 September to 3 October 2014. Visitors from Spain and Portugal will see cost-effective moulded part production with electric and hydraulic Allrounders, both of which bear the Arburg e² energy-efficiency label. Sophisticated medical technology products and consumer goods will be manufactured in shorter cycle times and high-precision quality.

“At Equiplast, we will demonstrate how our modular, energy-efficient Allrounder injection moulding machines can be specifically adapted according to the application and the industry, and how high production efficiency can thereby be achieved,” said Martín Cayre, managing director of the Spanish Arburg subsidiary, describing this year's trade fair attendance.

A sophisticated medical technology application will be presented with an electric Allrounder 370 E, which features a clamping force of over 600 kN and a size 170 injection unit. The machine is in the light grey medical technology colour and features a clean air module supplied by Ionstatex above the clamping unit to ensure clean production conditions. Using a mould from Männer, two 2.35 gram syringe barrels will be produced from the innovative material COP (Cyclic Olefin Polymer) via a side gating with needle type shut off nozzle in a cycle time of around nine seconds. COP has similar barrier properties to those of glass, but it is unbreakable and less expensive to manufacture. As a cyclic olefin copolymer, this material is transparent, biocompatible, blood compatible and only slightly water-absorbent. COP is therefore extremely well suited to the production of syringe barrels, which can e.g. be produced and packaged already pre-filled in a downstream operation.

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