Ultra-slim slimline transilluminators for working with small gels and samples

Spectronics Corporation’s Slimline Series UV transilluminators are equipped with a filter glass that measures just 4.3-in x 5.5-in (11 x 14 cm), making them suitable for working with mini gels and samples.

The transilluminators feature a slim profile that utilises just four 8-watt UV tubes, thus reducing operating costs and minimising UV exposure to the lab technician. Spectroline UV transilluminators address important issues of UV emissions. The units are engineered with upmost attention to fluorescence response and protection against UV-induced DNA damage.

An LONGLIFE UV filter glass inhibits solarisation up to 50 times longer than traditional UV filters, extending filter life dramatically and providing longer usage. A unique diffusing screen ensures superior light distribution and eliminates confusing light striations caused by the contours of the tubes. The UV-transmitting filter allows manipulation of gels directly on the transilluminator and shields the filter glass from cuts, scratches and breakage.

A hinged UV-blocking cover protects users from harmful UV radiation and the need for additional UV-absorbing clothing or face wear. It also protects the filter from damage caused by dropping objects on the glass. Constructed of heavy-duty, acrylic-based, UV-blocking material, the cover fits well over all gels and TLC plates.

Slimline Series UV transilluminators measure a mere 11.5-in W x 14-in L x 2.5-in H (29.2 x 35.6 x 5.7 cm) and can fit easily in today’s crowded laboratories. They are available in three fixed-intensity units with 254nm, 312nm, or 365nm wavelengths, and come in 120V/60Hz, 240V/50Hz and 100V/50-60Hz models.


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