Turmeric extract granted a ‘no questions’ letter from the FDA

Arjuna Naturals Extracts Ltd’s BCM-95, a high-potency turmeric extract, has been granted a ‘No Questions’ response letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This letter confirms the complete safety of BCM-95 by US authority and helps position the ingredient as an all-natural, clean and trusted brand of the powerful curcumin antioxidant.

BCM-95 is a proprietary combination of curcuminoids and essential oil of turmeric-ar-turmerone, ensuring a high level of bioavailability of curcumin.

The formulation is all-natural, from simple ingredients, and holds 13 international patents. It has been extensively researched in 33 clinical studies by universities throughout the US, Japan, Australia, and India, backing its efficacy for multiple health indications.

According to Innova market Insights a +45% growth has been reported for new products with a ‘turmeric content’ claim (Europe, 2016 vs. 2015) and +17% growth for new product launches with a turmeric content claim (U.S., 2016 vs.2015).

In 2016, BCM-95 was granted self-affirmed GRAS status (Generally Recognized as Safe) by an expert panel of scientists for use in medical foods at a dose of 500mg, twice a day.

BCM-95 is composed of pure curcuminoids and essential oils from turmeric with a specific content of turmerones.

The synergism of its components has been confirmed in a study published April, 2017, in the journal, Scientific Reports, by Shusuke Toden, PhD, et alia, of Baylor University, Dallas, Texas.

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