High-potency turmeric extract

A new study confirms that BCM-95, a high-potency turmeric extract, is significantly more effective than standard curcumin in reducing the disease activity and inflammatory burden of colitis.

The study, published April, 2017, in the journal Scientific Reports, by Shusuke Toden, Ph.D., et alia, of Baylor University, Dallas, Texas, compared the anti-inflammatory efficacy, or bioactivity of two products of differing bioavailability and composition (standard curcumin and BCM-95) in a well-recognsed, imposed animal model of colitis.

BCM-95 composed of pure curcuminoids and essential oils from turmeric with a specific content of turmerones.

The study’s results demonstrated that the essential oil with curcuminoids was significantly more superior to standard curcumin in reducing the disease activity and inflammatory burden in the model.

Moreover, the greater therapeutic efficiency of BCM-95 over standard curcumin in colitis was attributable to properties beyond enhanced bioavailability, including that of synergism between ingredients in this branded composition.

“For the first time, the enhanced bioactivity of BCM-95 as a result of synergism has been confirmed,” says Benny Antony, PhD, Joint Managing Director for Arjuna. “This new finding provides our customers an added value for promoting their BCM-95-based formulations in an increasingly crowded curcumin market.”

BCM-95 is a proprietary formulation of Arjunanatural extracts in joint venture with Dolcas Biotech LLC. without  any synthetic additives.

In BCM-95, this unique synergy forms a 95%-pure, bioactivity enhanced curcumin to create a highly effective turmeric extract with superior bioavailability.

It has been extensively researched in multiple clinical studies by universities throughout the US, Japan, Australia, and India, and has been awarded 13 international patents.

BCM-95 is  available in the US market through Dolcas Biotech LLC .The two companies have campaigned around the notion of synergism in turmeric constituents since the ingredient’s market debut nearly 15 years ago. Synergism has been previously confirmed in the case of enhancing bioavailability.

“BCM-95 is backed by dozens of clinical research studies that show numerous health benefits,” notes P.J. Kunjachan, Chairman & Managing Director for Arjuna. The therapeutic benefits of turmeric can be attained at its best by combining curcumin with turmerone, an active compound derived from essential oil of turmeric.

Arjuna has  full supervision of BCM-95’s supply chain, from farm to finished supplement, to provide a pure, clean and safe product. DolCas recently received self-affirmed GRAS status for BCM-95 turmeric extract following a comprehensive review by a panel of qualified experts. The pure, high-potency ingredient is available for use in food and supplements .

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