Taking charge of medical design

Battery manufacturer Accutronics will be representing the best of British medical component manufacturing at this year’s MD&M West, which is taking place at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California from February 9 – 11.

The show will see Accutronics demonstrating a wide range of products, including its Entellion range of pre-engineered batteries and chargers. This includes the CC1150, a 54mm mini credit card battery designed for powering portable medical devices short on space, and the much larger Intelligent Power Vault, which is a multi-battery power system designed for larger medical applications.

MD&M West is America’s largest medical technology show, bringing together leading industry innovators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for three days of professional development and networking. This year’s show will pay specific attention to the topic of early-stage and development strategies, offering insight areas such as legislative barriers.

“The medical sector is under constantly increasing pressure to keep up with service demand,” explained Rob Phillips, sales and marketing director at Accutronics. “It is therefore vital that critical medical devices can be relied on to continually function accurately.  Complying with regulatory bodies in the industry ensures reliable device quality. Finding a supplier who can guarantee the components they supply will meet regional regulations greatly reduces the time taken to get a quality product on the market.”

Another key talking point of the exhibit will be the Internet of Things (IoT), a development that has recently seen wider adoption from healthcare OEMs. This has been met with some concern about security, due to high numbers of cyber attacks taking place on medical devices.

“The number of attacks perpetrated on medical device networks is alarming and reinforces the ever-present issue of security in healthcare,” Rob Phillips explained. “It’s important that as we embrace IoT and focus on the software and ensure that we do not forget the importance of hardware security. Component counterfeiting, particularly batteries, is a big risk to medical devices and compromises patient safety as much as cyber attack. Accutronics combats this with the use of algorithmic security to further ensure devices perform to optimum capacity at all times.”

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