Smart galvanometer scanner

Scanlab, the OEM manufacturer of advanced laser scan systems, presents its latest offering in the galvanometer product range: the compact dynAXIS 421. The small sized galvo is especially suited to applications in the medical environment – from optical coherence tomography (OCT) to microscopy, DNA-sequencing and other medical laser treatments. The superior motor design with analogue or digital servo-control technology, together with ISO 9001-certified quality standard, guarantees high reliability and precision. Digital system monitoring and customisable feedback signals offer an appropriate solution for demanding bio-medical and industrial customers.
Medical applications have special requirements to ensure patient comfort and safety. Therefore precision and long-term reliability are particularly important. Improved scan efficiency, resulting in shorter treatment times and higher quality imaging are especially beneficial in the biomedical sector.
The new compact galvanometer scanner dynAXIS 421 meets the market needs at a reasonable cost target. When combined with Scanlab’s digital servo-controller, the galvo provides highest dynamics. The new optical position detector results in superior precision and stability. System status monitoring is a flexible feature which can be tailored to the application needs. Low heat generation and optimised thermal resistance ease the integration into handheld devices or complex medical and ophthalmic instruments.

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