Reagents for autophagy research

AMSBIO has assembled an extensive collection of autophagy antibodies. From the industry standard autophagy antibody APG8 (MAPLC3) to the newest autophagy antibodies such as LAMP and APG1, AMSBIO is able to provide the most relevant, qualified antibodies for autophagy research.

Autophagy is a cellular process not only implicated in the death of a cell, but more widely implicated in the survival of a cell. Autophagy functions as a housekeeping mechanism through disposal of aging and/or dysfunctional proteins and organelles by isolating and preparing these proteins for lysosomal degradation. Targeting autophagy as a therapeutic method is of growing interest to many researchers specializing in a diverse range of diseases from bacterial and viral infections to cancer and more recently in neurodegeneration and other ageing-related diseases.

Mitochondrial dysfunction has also become increasingly linked to various diseases, with mitophagy playing an important role in mitochondrial dynamics. AMSBIO provide a MitoXpress Xtra Oxygen Consumption Assay for analysis in real-time of mitochondrial function using fluorescence plate readers.

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