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20th October 2014

Amsbio is an international supplier of high-quality human blood-derived products including whole blood, serum, plasma, buffy coat and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). 

Blood products from Amsbio are available in a variety of formats from a broad spectrum of healthy donors, delivered from inventory or collected to order. Working directly with donors the company is also able to supply self-reported information and other non-invasive samples without relying on clinics. In addition, Amsbio can supply samples from donors in over 50 disease indications, including oncology, neurology, immunology, cardio and metabolic diseases.

The team collaborates with the major clinical and research centres in Europe, Asia, and the USA on developing collection protocols that are approved by Institutional Review Boards and comply with international and local laws. Standard patient consent forms and operating procedures are developed to guard patient’s right and to use all samples with maximum efficiency. 

The company has established one of the most comprehensive ranges of blood-derived products to advance personalised medicine by putting these valuable samples in the hands of leading researchers. All these blood products are collected under rigorous protocols and the donors are consented using the company’s universal informed consent form to ensure only the highest quality materials.

The company also offers a consultative service to facilitate customised procurement and product programmes.  





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