Purification kit partnership

Integra Biosciences has collaborated closely with nucleic acid extraction expert Machery-Nagel (MN) to develop automated protocols for a variety of NucleoSpin RNA and DNA extraction and purification kits on the Assist Plus pipetting robot. The combination of these technologies provides high quality, purity and yield for DNA and RNA extracts from varied specimen types, suitable for use in a range of applications. 

Each MN kit comes in a 96 well format, and can be easily automated on the pipetting robot using a 12 channel 1250 μl Viaflo electronic pipette with 1250 μl sterile, filter GripTips. Preset, biologically validated protocols can be quickly downloaded through Vialab software, offering walk-away pipetting and incubation for: MN NucleoSpin 96 RNA extraction kit; MN NucleoSpin 96 tissue kit; MN NucleoSpin 96 plasmid kit; and MN NucleoSpin 96 plasmid transfection-grade kit.

Automating liquid handling tasks using the Assist Plus eliminates ergonomic hazards and provides more hands-free time for the user. Pipetting errors and variability between users are avoided, and the validated workflows consistently guarantee maximum reproducibility. In addition, the flexibility of this system ensures that it will always have a purpose in the lab, and can be used to simplify a wide range of general life sciences and diagnostics tasks for far-reaching applications.

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