Parallel evaporation of high boiling solvents

Asynt announces the new DrySyn Spiral Evaporator, a compact system offering rapid concentration of even high boiling solvents such as DMSO, DMF or water, without the need to heat to high temperatures.

Developed in conjunction with BioChromato (Japan), the new Asynt DrySyn Spiral Evaporator enables scientists to concentrate or dry samples directly from any tube or vial (up to 24mm neck diameter) in DrySyn reaction vial inserts, up to 4 samples at a time, all within the footprint of a hotplate.

Combining the proven safety benefits of DrySyn with BioChromato’s spiral plug evaporation technology, the DrySyn Spiral Evaporator offers fast and effective parallel evaporation in tubes or vials without solvent bumping thereby eliminating sample cross contamination.

The DrySyn Spiral Evaporator is compatible with solvent volumes up to 10mL which can be extremely useful for concentrating compounds after organic synthesis or recovering analytical samples at relatively high speeds.

Suitable for the removal of otherwise problematic high boiling solvents, other advantages of the DrySyn Spiral Evaporator include its ease of use, employment of mild conditions for temperature sensitive compounds and efficient recovery of small quantity samples.

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