Overcoming unstable ingredients

Asynt reports how Here2Grow Cosmetics & Homecare Labs has used its ReactoMate Datum laboratory reaction vessel system to assist development of a hypoallergenic clinical haircare product.

To tackle common scalp issues encountered by patients, a tricology clinic had been developing scalp therapy products in collaboration with formulation laboratories and manufacturers. However, with multiple active and incompatible ingredients, the formulations created were often unstable. Here2Grow was approached to tackle the issues through the creation of an effective shampoo and conditioner with hypoallergenic properties.

Dr Henry Brew, CEO of Here2Grow commented: “The formulation challenge posed by the tricology clinic required us to prepare a hair care product that involved a specific mixing, heating and processing regime. By using the ReactoMate Datum we were able to not only improve the formulation process and meet the specifications of the new product in a repeatable and consistent manner, but also save our company time and money.”

He added: “Throughout the haircare product formulation and development process we found the Asynt development team were knowledgeable, friendly and responsive, helping us meet our deadlines. Beyond this specific project, we are using the ReactoMate Datum and laboratory reaction vessels from Asynt with a range of other apparatus to trial scale-up formulations, design formulation processes and perform fundamental research on various liquid materials and ingredients we are looking to integrate into formulated commercial products.”

Through the trialling of multiple prototypes, a stable formulation was produced that significantly reduced dandruff, itching and fungal activity. Here2Grow’s success at developing a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner has made a valuable step forward in the improvement of scalp care products.

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