Optimising workflow with 96- and 384-well microplates

Integra has introduced a Three Position Stage for its Viaflo 96 and Viaflo 384 handheld benchtop pipettes. The new accessory expands available stage positions for microplates, reservoirs and tips on from two to three, thereby enhancing workflow in a wide range of applications. The Three Position Stage also features an indexing function to allow access to 384-well plates using a 96-channel pipetting head. 

For plate replication applications, having a tip rack on the left position, the source plate on the middle position and the target plates on the right position of the Three Position Stage enables the user to replicate the source plate with minimal plate handling effort. Changing tips and target plates can be done without moving the source plate, eliminating the risk of spills. 

When undertaking compound dilutions or screening, the Three Position Stage enables accurate and rapid addition of reagent and compounds from 2 different sources (reservoir and plate) to one target screening plate. 

Easily installed on a new or existing Viaflo 96 or Viaflo 384, the new accessory reduces the need for plate handling thereby minimising errors and improving workflow.

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