Open bore and open ended syringes

Qosina has recently added a 10 ml Open Bore Syringe (#C1105) and two 20ml Open Ended Syringes (#C2500 and C2501) to their extensive line of syringes.

These syringes are made of an ABS plunger, a silicone plunger tip and a shatter-resistant polycarbonate barrel, which ensures visual clarity. The open bore syringe features a palm pad plunger and ring grips. The luer on this syringe has threads, but does not feature a slip, making it an open bore and ideal for use with thick substances.  

The open ended syringes feature a ring plunger and wing grips. The open ended barrel is threaded to accept a variety of tip configurations, such as our removable fixed male luer lock tip cap or our removable dead end tip cap.
These syringes are designed to be easily filled at the distal end of the syringe and can be used with viscous materials.  

The sturdy design of these syringes also provides stability when dispensing material. Q

osina offers many other kit components for you to complete your project including, caps, luers, extension lines, stopcocks, needles, scalpels, hemostasis valves, and tuohy borst adapters.  Request your complimentary samples today.
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