New reactor support stand

Asynt has launched the newest member of the ReactoMate reactor family. The Quantum support stand is an ideal addition to any process chemistry laboratory.

Designed to be an affordable entry-level system, Quantum is easy to set up and provides secure and stable support for all reaction vessels from 100ml right up to 5,000ml. Manufactured in the UK using durable stainless steel, the stand does not compromise on quality. 

Fully compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrer and with reaction vessels that may already be in a lab, the new support stands are designed to be a versatile and sound investment. 

Available in both pilot and bench-top scale systems, ReactoMate controlled laboratory (CLR) reactors provide precise control of reaction variables. A wide range of Asynt single and vacuum jacketed reaction vessels can be exchanged on ReactoMate CLR systems, allowing chemists to quickly change between reactor vessel sizes, thereby accelerating synthesis scale-up.

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