New range of UHPLC columns

5th February 2014

AkzoNobel's new range of UHPLC columns with Kromasil 1.8µm particles for laboratory analysis are designed for users in laboratories to achieve consistent results with unmatched resolution, decreased turnaround time and minimised laboratory costs.

Kromasil offers scientists one of the strongest chromatographic products in the market to-date, now in 1.8µm particles and compatible with all UHPLC and UPLC instruments.

These columns are based on very narrow specification ranges resulting in UHPLC columns that are second to none in selectivity, resolution and reproducibility. UHPLC columns with Kromasil 1.8µm particles are targeted for a wide variety of reversed-phase applications, including laboratories developing methods in the pharmaceutical, industrial, food and beverage, clinical and environmental areas.

These columns complete the product line for the Kromasil brand as the methods developed in UHPLC columns with Kromasil 1.8 µm particles with C18, C8 and C4 derivatisations can be seamlessly transferred to HPLC methods and also used for the purification of small, medium and large quantities of compounds.These new columns are the response to scientists worldwide looking for peace of mind in their results that can also be transferred directly when required.

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