New pipetting head

Analytik Jena is expanding its range of interchangeable pipetting heads for the fully automated liquid handling platform CyBio FeliX. The specialist for analysis and life science solutions in Jena is offering a dedicated solution for applications in the areas of normalisation and hit picking with its Select head. With the new head, the user can handle up to eight channels in any combination, thereby gaining even greater flexibility for their applications.

“CyBio FeliX has long offered laboratories the option of automating manual liquid handling processes and tailoring them precisely to the specific needs of the user and respective application. Interchangeable pipetting heads are at the heart of this pipetting platform versatility. The Select head has transformed our CyBio FeliX into a truly flexible wonder and is our response to the growing demand for flexible, application-independent solutions in automated liquid handling,” says Melanie Kelm, Director of the Life Sciences and Liquid Handling business unit at Analytik Jena.
CyBio FeliX is a fully automated, modular pipetting platform in which the heads can be changed in an instant without any tools. The new head was primarily developed for hit picking and normalisation applications. However, it is also highly suitable for applications required for preparing screening applications, compound management, sample preparation for next-generation sequencing and PCR setups. The head also makes light work of applications such as serial dilution, reformatting and pooling.
The Select head uses the proven Analytik Jena liquid handing technology and has eight channels. Each channel has its own dosing system, which means each of the attached pipetting tips can be filled with a different volume of liquid. In addition, any combination of the eight channels can be raised and lowered for use. In combination, the head precisely controls source and target vessels and transfers samples and solutions between these vessels individually and efficiently.
The new head is available in three variants – one for 1 μl to 50 μl, one for 5 μl to 250 μl, and another for up to 1000 μl sample volumes. The pipetting head works with both 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates.

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