New imaging products showcased

7th March 2018

Syngene will be introducing its new-look range of gel doc and chemi blot imaging systems at ArabLab 2018 on 18-21 March. These compact systems are an excellent choice for cost-conscious scientists who need versatile gel doc imagers and simple-to-use chemi blot imaging systems.
For scientists wanting a complete workstation, the NuGenius is the ideal gel doc. This powerful system features an internal processor and 5 million-pixel CCD camera with motor driven zoom lens, guaranteeing incredible at-system image capture with gels of up to 20cm x 24cm.
The NuGenius gel doc system features a compact light-tight darkroom where researchers can choose to fit a UV transilluminator for ethidium bromide gels, a blue light transilluminator for SYBR Safe and GelGreen DNA gels and a White Light Converter screen option to visualise protein gels stained with Coomassie Blue, providing maximum gel imaging versatility at minimal cost.
For scientists looking for dedicated chemiluminescence imaging, the new GeneGnome XRQ imager is also on stand. Utilising the system's low-light capture camera and optimised short Œcamera to sample technology, scientists can achieve greater than double the dynamic range of film. This means scientists can with minimal steps capture and produce perfectly exposed images to detect picogram or femtogram levels of protein on chemi Western blots, without the time and effort of using film.
Both systems on show come with unlimited copies of GeneTools software, allowing scientists to rapidly analyse samples and store or print high resolution and publication quality images on any computer, as and when they need to.





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