New automated gel doc system

Syngene has launched a new look red G:Box F3 gel documentation system. Featuring a slimline darkroom that can be fitted with UV, blue and white lighting options this affordable, automated system generates high quality images of DNA and protein gels quickly and easily.
The new G:Box F3 can be flexibly configured to image gels stained with any commercial fluorescence or visible dyes. With a stylish darkroom, it can accommodate a UV transilluminator and UV to blue light converter screen, UV to visible light converter screen or blue light transilluminator options, allowing scientists to safely image dyes including Coomassie Blue, GelGreen, SYBR Safe, SYBR Gold, on both large (up to 32cm x 24cm) and small gels.
Complete with a high-resolution 5-million-pixel camera, motor driven zoom lens and filter wheel all controlled by application-driven GeneSys software, the new system can be connected to the laboratory's choice of PC. The intuitive GeneSys software selects the best combination of filters and lighting available for rapid image capture, making it easy for both students and experienced scientists alike to detect close bands and nanogram quantities on DNA and protein gels.
To analyse their gels, researchers can use the QuickQuant feature in GeneSys or can transfer their data to GeneTools image analysis software. Using QuickQuant scientists can rapidly quantify images of protein and DNA bands at the point of capture on their system. Researchers can utilise GeneTools software on any computer for more detailed evaluations, as well as storing or printing high resolution and publication quality images.

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