New compact microscope

Zeiss has introduced a new compact microscope for digital teaching and routine lab work. Primostar 3 is a robust upright light microscope, which is made for daily work in a classroom or in a lab for tissue and sample examination in histology, cell biology, food or microbiology, etc. It is designed for long-term use and extreme durability. It is easy to use so that students and laboratory staff can spend more of their time exploring rather than fiddling with knobs. It is easy to learn, to run, and the setup is quick and easy with a plug-and-play installation.

Users can choose the best microscope configuration for specific tasks at hand from a number of pre-defined packages for classroom or routine lab work. The solid design of the Full-Köhler version houses an array of clever features. Users can choose either a 30-watt halogen bulb or an energy-saving LED bulb with its stable colour temperature and illumination intensity. Or, they can add on the fluorescence tube and turn the Primostar 3 into an LED fluorescence microscope. 

The new microscope offers the advantages of an integrated 8-megapixel microscope camera and a number of additional digital interface options. With the imaging app Zeiss Labscope, it is easy to connect microscopes in classrooms to each other. It makes it easier than ever before to snap and share microscope images via HD monitors or projectors. The optional software module Labscope Teacher helps to manage and organise each class. 

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