New cell culture medium

AMS Bio has announced the launch of StemFit Basic03 clinical grade stem cell culture for regenerative medicine.

Provided as a animal-origin free, ready to use media for cell therapy applications, StemFit AK03N (which is the Japanese version of Basic03) has already been accepted by Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, Japan (PMDA) for retinal regenerative medicine clinical trials using human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs).

In an independent study, media of different formulations were compared with StemFit Basic03 for culturing iPS cells. The resultant research data showed that iPS cells cultured with StemFit Basic03 offered higher cell proliferation, lower lactate accumulation and demonstrated better homogeneity of gene expression compared with iPS cells cultured with four other media.

Completely free of animal- and human-derived components the new solution is proven to provide highly stable and reproducible culture condition for induced pluripotent stem and embryonic stem cells under feeder-free conditions during the reprogramming, expansion and differentiation phases of stem cell culture. The new product combines high colony forming efficiency with lower than standard media volume consumption to offer cost effective colony expansion when compared to some other products.


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