Safeguarding organoids through lockdown

AMS Bio reports how the internationally renowned Hans Clevers Lab at the Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands usedits Cellbanker reagent when it needed to freeze down its organoids at short notice ahead of the Covid-19 spring lockdown.

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, public health orders and advisories have forced many scientists to freeze down their experiments, to keep them safe while they are kept away from their laboratories.

AMS Bio’s Cellbankerand Stem-Cellbanker freezing solutions provide a simple and economical solution in such emergencies, as well as for routine archiving – they can even be used to cryopreserve cultured cells, organoids or other 3D structures in situ in the original culture plate.

Jelte van der Vaart, a Ph.D researcher in the Hans Clevers Lab commented about the ease of freezing the valuable organoids. He said, "Historically our lab had always used the FBS/DMSO based freezing method to preserve our organoids. However, this methodology not only is very time consuming but also requires transfer by slow cooling to -80°C to liquid nitrogen. On the day of the lockdown, me and some other researchers froze our organoids down for the first time in Cellbanker. The procedure was a lot easier and faster since I could simply transfer the organoids in Cellbanker to the freezer immediately. This beneficially also solved the limited availability of Mr Frosty’s, which was a problem because we all had to freeze down lines at the same time. When we were able to return to our lab after the lockdown, the organoids looked similar after thawing to standard freezing methods and could be easily retrieved from personal drawers instead of shared Mr Frosty drawers. The reangent genuinely improved the process of freezing and safely preserving our organoids when going into lockdown."

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