New addition to lab scale filtration and drying process

The GFD technology from Powder Systems Limited (PSL) changed the filtration and drying process in laboratories worldwide, and in 2014 the company is welcoming a newcomer: the Metallic Lab Nutsche Filter Dryer.

The GFD nustche filter dryer launched four years ago can now be found in many pharmaceutical and drug discovery laboratories around the world. Since the 19th century chemists have used the commonly known method of Buchner filtration, which would then be followed by the use of a vacuum dryer or other method to complete the drying phase. The GFD technology combines filtration, cake washing and drying all in one step and the product is fully recovered through the system’s filtration basket.

Due to its direct scale-up abilities, this vacuum lab filtration and drying unit is suitable for feasibility studies and trials before investing in a large scale nutsche-agitated filter dryer. To take the unit’s scalability a step further, a new addition is launched in 2014 to satisfy even more laboratory’s needs: a metallic vessel GFD.

The rising demand for higher pressure requirement and exact replicate of pressured ANFD drove PSL to develop an alternative technology to its best eller, the lab Glass Filter Dryer.

The GFD Lab Filter Dryer is now available in glass borosilicate 3.3, stainless steel 316L and alloy C22.

The full range uses the same accessories, including control box and drive system for the agitator, allowing true flexibility between the different vessels.

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