Multichannel pipetting

Integra is making multichannel pipetting quicker and easier than ever before.

The company’s extensive range of manual and electronic handheld pipettes – combined with the  GripTips system – is helping take the ‘pain’ out of multichannel pipetting.

The difficulties associated with using handheld multichannel pipettes are familiar to every lab scientist -  tips need ‘hammering’ on to ensure they are picked up, but this still doesn’t always ensure correct tip alignment or a good seal, potentially affecting assay results.

Add to this the extra force required to eject eight, 12 or even 16 tips at a time and the pain of using multichannel pipettes becomes all too real.

Integra’s handheld multichannel pipettes and GripTip system have been developed to eliminate these issues, allowing tips to effortlessly snap onto the pipette and ensuring they are always firmly attached, perfectly aligned and easily ejected.

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