Lysis buffer success

Porvair Sciences' Chromatrap Lysis buffer for enzymatic shearing is providing users with a complete lysis buffer for the disruption of nuclear cell membranes with a milder detergent than that required for mechanical fragmentation. 

Lysis plays a crucial role in enabling researchers to better explore and understand the underlying processes and mechanisms that drive biological organisms. Correct shearing is critical to the success of a ChIP assay. The buffer is compatible with all Porvair ChIP kits for enzymatic shearing from fixed cells or tissue.

These Lysis buffers are formulated to ensure that the nuclear membrane in the user's samples is disrupted, releasing a high yield of nuclear material for their research.

With the success of a ChIP assay being highly dependent on the quality of chromatin prepared, using a Chromatrap Lysis buffer reagent to isolate chromatin from a sample can play an important role in the success of this process.

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