Lab automation expert acquired

SEAL Analytical, manufacturer of automated analysers, has acquired Rohasys, a Dutch manufacturer of laboratory products for automating and robotising sample (pre) treatment. “This new partnership creates exciting opportunities for both companies,” says Seal President Stuart Smith. “Sharing the common goals of improving laboratory accuracy, speed and reliability, this synergistic relationship will benefit the customers of both organisations.”
With 25 years of experience in environmental laboratory automation Rohasys targets similar market sectors to those addressed by Seal, including water, soil and food testing. Typical applications include BOD, COD, pH, conductivity, alkalinity, acidity, filtration, organic GC sample preparation and microbiology.
In addition to a range of standard robotic laboratory instruments, Rohasys also develops bespoke robotic solutions to improve automation in a number of laboratory applications. Products and systems are designed, built, installed and supported from the firm's production facility in the Netherlands, and will now also benefit from Seal’s technical support teams in the UK, Germany and USA.
The Rohasys product range includes small systems for small footprints and low workloads, through to custom designed fully automated preparation, reading, filtration and weighing robots, with full LIMS integration.

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