Improving sample traceability

Micronic has added an additional 2D data-matrix code on the bottom of the 96-1, 96-Q1, 96-2, 96-3 and 96-4 ULT racks. With this additional 2D code, the racks are now provided with five different codings. The rack features a cover print indicating the rack and tube type, a unique laser-etched alphanumeric coding on top of the rack, a 1D barcode and human readable code on the side of the rack and a 2D data-matrix code on the bottom of the rack.
Absolute traceability and reproducibility on ULT racks is of utmost importance to Micronic. To ensure complete traceability, all of the rack codings are permanently laser-etched into the rack. By laser-etching the codes, they will never wear, fall off or lose their quality when freeze-thawing the racks multiple times, thus ensuring complete traceability at all times. The bottom rack ID is compatible with the Micronic Code Reader software (v. 4.0.0), this way the 2D code on the bottom of the rack can be scanned simultaneously with the 2D codes on the tubes.
The racks are manufactured from virgin Polycarbonate. Racks made from this material have excellent properties for low temperature conditions, which make them ideal for long-term use in automated cryogenic storage facilities. The material used to manufacture the racks is selected on quality and the highest purity levels. The racks have an extremely strong design that minimises deformation due to temperature changes. The open bottom design of the ULT storage racks facilitates quick defrosting of samples.
Micronic labware is produced in certified class-7 clean rooms at facilities in both the Netherlands and the United States. The high density racks are therefore free from any detectable RNase/DNase and pyrogens.

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