Improving sample storage

Micronic has launched a new 138-2 high-density (HD) rack. The 138-2 HD storage rack accommodates 138 individual 0.75ml internally threaded or externally threaded (hybrid) tubes or 0.80ml externally threaded tubes in an automation compatible ANSI/SLAS dimensional footprint.
The HD rack is especially designed to be compatible with automated processes. The rack side walls are closed for easy gripping with most robotic arms. In addition, the rack uses an open bottom design, which permits tubes to be manipulated by robotic systems avoiding time-consuming procedures. The rack contains twist-lock to be effective when twist-lock tubes are used. 
The 138-2 HD storage rack is manufactured from virgin polycarbonate. Racks made from this material have excellent properties for low temperature conditions which make them ideal for long-term use in automated cryogenic storage facilities. The material used to manufacture the racks is selected on quality and the highest purity levels. The racks have an extremely strong design which minimises deformation due to temperature changes.
Micronic labware is produced in certified class-7 clean rooms at facilities in both the Netherlands and the United States. The high density racks are therefore free from any detectable RNase/DNase and pyrogens. The 138-2 HD Rack is available as empty rack or prefilled with the 0.75ml internally or externally threaded (hybrid) tube or the 0.80ml externally threaded tube.

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