Improved halogen light source launched

Avantes, a leading innovator in the field of spectroscopy, has released an improved version of its halogen light source. The AvaLight-HAL-Mini has a new design and offers the ability for users to easily change the lightbulb themselves. The output is also more stable than ever due to the innovative design and cooling system. On top of this, the light source is much smaller than it used to be. 

From visible light to near-infrared, that’s where the AvaLight-HAL-Mini works best. It’s a compact, stabilised halogen light source, with adjustable focusing of the fibre connection, maximising output power at the desired wavelength. The light source also has selectable output power to provide extra power or longer bulb life.

A filter-slot mounted on the front of the AvaLight-HAL accepts 1” round or 2” x 2” square filters, to block specific ranges of wavelengths or instantly lower the intensity. The adjustable focus on the AvaLight- HAL helps users to get the most out of their light source: it ensures all possible power is transmitted through the optical fibre. Bulb replacement is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. High power/long life output settings are selectable by spectrometer/software or dongle.

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