Identifying invasive plant species

The PSR+ is a rugged and reliable field portable spectroradiometer that can be used in the identification and mapping of the distribution of invasive plant species.

Equipped with a leaf clip for field plant sampling, the PSR+ allows a researcher to collect a large number of high resolution scans of plant species and then use EZ-ID sample identification software with the Custom Library Builder module to separate native plants from invasive species even at an immature stage.

The Spectral Evolution leaf clip has a unique design that includes a built-in white reference and keeps the ILM-105 light source away from your sample. The ILM-105 is attached to the PSR+ using a rail system to keep it removed from the sample leaf. You can take high resolution/high sensitivity scans without heat affecting your leaf sample. The result is consistent lighting for scans without side effects.

The PSR+ has no moving optical parts for excellent field ruggedness and stability. Used with the GETAC microcomputer, it allows a researcher to take digital pictures, record voice notes, include GPS coordinates, and see the scans on its sunlight readable display. All data is saved with the spectra in an ASCII file for use with third party software.

Optional EZ-ID sample identification software allows you to create your own library of spectra for different plant species. You can add spectra depicting invasive plants at different growth stages along with spectra of native plants to make discrimination easier. Faster and more accurate identification will help better control the spread of invasive plants and check the growth and health of native species in the same area.

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